SUMMIT 09 Updates: New tendative dates, Change of Execom

14 May, 2009
Hi all,

97 days left

(as per request submitted to the Principal)

Works of SUMMIT 09 are back to the track. Arjun R Pillai and Sanoop Thomas met the principal today, for discussions on new dates of SUMMIT 09. Response from him was rather cold, as he’s not satisfied with the current ampere of works, and it’s too late to propose a date for SUMMIT 09, he says. Also, he has advised us to discuss the proceedings with the staff. The request for declaring SUMMIT 09 to be conducted from 19-21 August, 2009 has been submitted to the Principal, but he says there must be an academic council to gather for taking a deicsion in this regard. The next possible date for the meeting of AC is 3rd June, and by the way, we will have to wait till 3rd for officially fixing the date. The bitter part of the story is that we’re not able to send mails or proceed with any work with the dates not being confirmed. Also, a request for change in the Execom of SUMMIT 09 was also submitted, whose official notification shall come out shortly. The new execom is as follows:

  1. General Convener                               –           Mr. Sanoop Thomas (2006-10 CS)
  2. Joint Conveners                                  –           Mr. Sojo James (2006-10 EC)
  3.                                                                     –           Ms. Maya Paul (2006-10 EC)
  4. Treasurer                                                –          Mr. Dawns John (2006-10 EC)
  5. Sub-treasurers                                      –          Mr. Sandeep Chacko Z (2006-10 CS)
  6.                                                                      –         Ms. Surya T Skaria (2006-10 EC)
  7. Public Relations Officer                    –          Mr. Vishnusree G (2006-10 EC)
  8. Activity Coordinator                         –          Mr. Amal D Mukund (2006-10 CS)
  9. Technical Coordinator                      –          Mr. Anoop Thomas M (2006-10 CS)
  10. Steering Coordinator                        –           Mr. Arjun R Pillai (2006-10 EC)
  11. Venue Manager                                   –           Mr. Akhil Dev A V (2006-10 EC)
  12. IEEE Representative                         –           Mr. Rahul Raj (2006-10 CS)
  13. PRODDEC Representative               –           Mr. Jofin Joseph (2006-10 CS)

Also, by special recommendation of Mr. Liju Philip, Technical Coordinator (Staff), Ms. Maya Paul will be assisting Rahul Raj in IEEE-related activities, while Mr. Sojo James will be assisting Jofin Jospeh in PRODDEC related activities.

Best Regards,
Arunanand T A,
2010 CS,
Event Manager,
College of Engineering Chengannur.