My Answer for why I didn’t take up a post in college so far…

Hi all,

I was thinking of writing a post like this in a public blog, and I found I should, because there’re many people who continue to have the following complaint, rather, a misunderstanding, about me. However, don’t think that I’m an image-oriented guy, though I’m posting this to prove my stands/truth. It’s not a post came from a boy’s anger, but from the depth of his emotions hurt.

Recently one in CEC (I’m sorry, I can’t reveal the name, lets’s call ‘X’) told me that I have turned out to be one whom many of the gangs do not like, today. And X also revealed that many of them liked me for what I was, in the first and second years. I was totally takenaback hearing this, as I did never expect such an opinion about me, especially from my friends. I couldn’t help asking X the reason behind it. It’s more awkward. The reasons, however, are the following. I’m sorry if I am doing it wrong here, but I can’t help:

  • Many of the major decisions taken by students in the college, are influenced by me either directly or indirectly.
  • There’s a clear case of omnipotence from MH boys, especially in deciding the posts in major events, and in SUMMIT 09 too. I always play the major role in those decisions. And the same scandal had taken place during SUMMIT 09 commitee head finalization. And a strong compliant is that when the execom of SUMMIT 09 was re-elected, it’s me who wouted it to my desire. Also, because of all these actions, many boys outside MH do not get posts, though they deserve.
  • Even though I do all these, I do not accept any post at the college, and it’s also a part of the trick (I dunno what is meant). X has put forward some examples viz. in Arts, Sports etc, I, myself, overtook.

My Response

  • Let me clear it that those who know me clearly would never, I believe, complain like this.
  • Yes, I have no posts in CEC so far. Let’s have a postmortem of this:
  • From the first year onwards, the posts reserved for my batch were as follows. Let’s consider them.
      • General Secretary, Arts Secretary, Sports Secretary, Magazine Editor, IEEE, FOCES, FLOSS CELL, PRODDEC, SUMMIT 09, NSS, Treasurer etc.
      • I strongly believe that Arts and Sports Secreatries did their jobs simply well, and those posts are definitely not suitable for me. Regarding the student organizations, I am not a member of any of these. Some people asked me whether I could be the editor of the magazine; but, let me be frank, I think I can’t take up such a big responsibility. Yes, I was in that post during my schooling days, but these days I am not capable of doing it. Now I see how much pain Mr. Sajeesh takes up to complete his duties. It’s beyond our imagination, and  that’s why I couldn’t take up such responsibilities too, as I was sure that I couldn’t. I am a self-evaluating person at every corner of my life. Thereby I find myself to have lost certain values, including my confidence in doing things.
      • As for SUMMIT 09, I could be the part of the core organizing part so far. But, I swear that I have never played such a wretched role of withdrawing chances of the deserved. And nobody has played bad politics on this. Those who work with me know me well, that I loose heart very soon on issues and I thought that this character must not affect the event. That’s why I didn’t want to be in any relevant position and that I am not in execom of SUMMIT now. Previous General Convener Mr. Arjun R Pillai, and current General Convener Mr. Sanoop Thomas are aware of this character of mine, and they’ve assented to me in this regard. This problem has, simply, been proven in College Day 2009. I was performing the initial documentation duties, but meanwhile i lost interest and I couldn’t even fulfill my duties assigned to me. This is just one of the instances. And that’s why I kept myself back so far. I am trying hard to get rid of this, and many of my friends, especially Sanoop and Arjun are helping me out. Thanks to them…
      • Regarding the committee heads of SUMMIT 09, the heads were finalized in the presence of either the student representative of all classes or the execom representatives. Unlike previous years, the SUMMIT team planned to ensure participation of all the students of CEC 2010 batch. And that’s why a huge committee list was prepared, including all the 197 students of the batch. Believe me, no previous SUMMITs had this feature. This strategy is followed to include all the students in organizing the event; but still some complain against the goodwill of this decision. It’s indeed hurting.
      • And you may ask Mr. Laiju K Raju, the Arts Secretary or Mr. Jerin George, Sports Secretary whether I was overtaking them… I was helping them in doing things, and I continue to help my friends in whatever they do for the college. It’s very clear for all of you, I believe, that I was trying to help the secretaries during arts and sports. Without knowing all these, making mere comments will do nothing, expect personal harm.
      • And for your kind information, no decisions are taken exclusively for and at MH. As far as I understand, every decision regarding the college are taken in the presence of class representatives. Sometimes, MH happens to be the rendezvous for them. That’s all. It must not be interpreted otherwise.

And finally, I repeat that all the above are written in response to the complaints made by some people. Making it public with a view to pervading the truth among all such people. And for myself, I am one who would like to work for the institution I study, and I’ve done it in my past too. Kindly do never have misunderstood thoughts about these intentions. As my friend Amal always says, “Being misunderstood is the biggest pain in the world”.

Comments please. I need your comments to know if I am right or ‘X’ is. You may anonymously post your comments, without giving a valid name or Email ID hereunder.


Arunanand T A


42 Responses to My Answer for why I didn’t take up a post in college so far…

  1. amaldmukund says:

    wow…!!!great post TAA….!!! I think this post is more than enough for the people who misunderstand u….

  2. Rahul says:

    gud1 arunetta..

  3. Arjun R Pillai says:

    Hello all,

    Let me first make it clear that all things I say are strictly personal opinions. (I know my opinions are not of much valu. but this is for Arun)
    I know you as the most important part of CEC as a true lover of CEC. I don’t agree with any of the allegations against you. For one year I was with hima dn sanoop for Summit and i haven’t yet seen him taking a decision. He gives opinions on many things, but adds a sentence that Execom may decide, to it. I dont see any problem in commenting or saying an opinion. I don’t think that whatever you say will go to a decision. (Also even if it does, I dont find any probs in him.It is the prob of others)

    Mh omnipotency : This is not a new issue. and I cant undertsnd how you are attached with this.(I am not an MH inmate to comment much). As far as i have seen, everybody at MH including all reps from each class will be there.

    Regarding Summit’09 execom, wasn’t the option made open to all? Also, i believe(correct me if i am wrong) the new execom is ably represented by each class.

    I am angry with Arun due to his habit of not taking up posts. Simply coz he is a very able person to take any post.(But i do agree that he will lose interest mid-way, but i think he will overcome this if he takes up a post)..

    I agree with all of your responses da.

    I fully agree with this…
    “Being misunderstood is the biggest pain in the world”.
    This is from my own experience. But i believe i have a false tongue to blame…but Arun…I cant find any even to blame…

    I want to make myself very clear. I am with Arun whatever “x” tells about him and even if the whole college follows “x”.


    You are one of the very who has understood me at CEC.
    I am with you and I believe many at CEC is and will be.

    Take care dude
    Wit Love

  4. Hi all,

    Thanks for the comments.. Expect more…


  5. Arjun R Pillai says:


    May I ask you a ques? Is this post the answer for the questions i have been asking you?

  6. Yea… somewhat… More comments from other people to come, I guess… I need all of them…

  7. rahul says:

    Mr.X is a nice guy

  8. Arjun R Pillai says:


    Mind explaining? (I didn’t understand..Tats y)..

  9. Hi,
    @ Rahul,

    Could I get it explained? Am I getting crucified again?

  10. rahul says:

    X is not flirting. He is nice to criticise any one.. !! Thats it. 😉

    _send from LYNX 🙂

  11. Hi,

    @ Rahul…

    Okiez.. But I wanna know your comment, rather an opinion in this regard…

  12. Anoop Ninan George says:

    hi,,chettan,, read your blog post about the posts,, and all,,
    I am appreciating your courage to be open to your friends and trying to solve all the misunderstandings,, only a few people will do that,,
    truly,, i was also wondering why you were not taking up any posts and all,, now i see the reason,, but it seems that your friends have a lot of confidence in you,, than you have of yourself,, well one i like to thank you and appreciate you u for the things ,, u have been doing for the college,, and keeping cec orkut community and blog active and all,, its only natural that good intentions will are mistaken,, it has happened before and always happened,, are tour friend Mr.X must be also a good person to let you know all these things,, so u had the chance of clearing your part,,,,,,,,,

  13. sanoop2255 says:

    If someone hurts u ,do not mind it,bcoz it z the law of nature that “The tree that bears the sweetest fruits gets the maximum number of stones”…..Mr X ninte yadhardha friend anengil eeee blog kandengilum karyangal sariyayi manasilakkum.I think Mr X is a true frnd of u bcz he/she tells u directly the things which he/she feels .”””””””IF U KNOW YOURSELF VERY WELL,U DONT NEED ANY CERTIFICATION FROM ANYONE””””””

  14. Hi,

    My intention with this was to let my friends in CEC about what’s going on in me, in particular, to let X be answered for all the complaints made. I tried to confirm that X has read the post, but unfortunately the reply was mere “Read the blog. I was wrong, you are a nice person”.

    Words of complete sarcasm… 😛

  15. rpa says:


    Consider this.

    If you don’t do anything; you wouldn’t have to go through this. Since you are being alleged, then its a good thing. What you did have started becoming too obvious for people to ignore.

    So congratulations, and keep it going.

    Now, what you just did is absolutely crazy. It gives an opportunity for the alligators to believe that you are weak. Now they won. You should have ignored it and moved on.

    Pattikal kurakkum yaathra thudaroo. 🙂


  16. Arjun R Pillai says:

    Good one Mr. RPA!!!

  17. rahul says:

    Arun ,

    people after me explains. . . Nothing more to add.

    always remember to brush your teeth.

  18. Hi Rahul,

    Thanx.. and you’ve become an expert in using puns these days…. lol..


  19. Manju says:

    Do u think that wat u hav done now is correct????
    I m telng my opinion…evry 1 wil nt b responding in the same way right????????thats y i m telng u frankly…
    If one person is sure that he has not done anything wrong,he doesnt need ‘goodcertificate’ from others…was it good 2 put all such matters (issues)concerning wit our batch thr such a medium..i dont think so da..even if u put such a post,thos u hav misunderstandings abt u wil not try 2 change it frm their mind suddenly..thos u knw u well wil b there 2 suport u alwys..u urself told dat u r not an image oriented guy…then what did u aim frm putng such a post in ur blog????…

  20. Ansha says:

    hii arun..

    “Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things” hav u heard dis quote ? should take criticisms in its r8 sense .if u didn do nything whts d need 4 such a post yaar. wht it means u r focusing on yr image r8? this s actually an over reaction. arent u matured still??
    lemme ask one thing x said dis to u directly, not behind u r8?.den y r u insulting x lik dis.?
    no need to give such a boom to dis issue. if u want to know mor abt u, cant u ask abt to dis yr friends directly? if u hav true friends dey may say d truth.whts d need for such a post to inform everyone abt dis cheep issue?but u published a simple thing on d blog and gave an unnecessary importance.
    “We need very strong ears to hear ourselves judged frankly, and because there are few who can endure frank criticism without being stung by it, those who venture to criticize us perform a remarkable act of friendship, for to undertake to wound ”
    nothing is complete and thus nothing is exempt frm criticism. so jst take it in d r8 sense ,if nything s der to correct do it and leave it.
    “Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man’s growth without destroying his roots.”

  21. veena says:

    it seems that “x” was your frnd.if not he/she wouldn have asked you directly, ther were other ways to express their feeling ;like sTarting a blog [just like you did!!]
    by refering you by some alphabets frm ‘A….Z’. i think x wished you to clear it all by yourself,else why bothering to tell you…
    Then here you are…!! starting a blog for support!! good… no..o GREAT!! great of is all yours.
    incase your x reads this blog i want to give a small advice that PLEASE BE CAREFUL IN SELECTING YOUR FRIENDS… please open your eyes! this ARUNANAND CERTAINLY IS NOT YOUR FRIEND.cos frnds dont reveal such things and let others for its postmortem.
    and Arun sorry i couldn help writing. i dont know who this x is and i am noone to comment just by hearing one side only.But i cannot agree with you in starting the blog to decide you or x is right. As you mentioned , people who know you well can understand you.I am sure of one thing. you have hurt someone who considered you as a friend!!

  22. jijil says:

    intrsting……[:)]…gonna be a hit….

  23. Hi all,

    As a response to all above..

    I don’t think that I have done this as a great mistake to my friend X. As a matter of fact, X told me that many people have the same opinion about me. @ Manju, Ansha, Veena, if somebody says that there’s a bad opinion about you in the college, would you be dumb at this question? Think of what you would do. Would you simply sit and cry. If so, I just can’t do it. Because, it’s a misunderstanding about me, and I must clarify it, as for my personality. That’s what I did. Just think what you would have done, if you were me. I repeat, no hurt intended for X or anyone else, as the identities are not revealed. @ Veena, saying that ARUNANAND IS NOT YOUR FRIEND is a good remark about me, and if X wants no more friendship with me, let it be…

    And blogs are the usual medium of communication, for your kind information, taken for granted, among the new hectic people, blogging has become something great. And that’s what I too have done. I had no other means of trying to convey my messages to all my friends..

    Love you all…

    Arunanand T A

  24. jaseen says:

    taa….vat to u want us to do???giva call… is on quotation….sure to kick butt….

  25. AKHILDEV A V says:


    I am happy to see that you have opened your mind atleast through your blog..Bearing a post is not a good thing not because of responsibilities but because there is a huge chance of being misunderstood. But you are being misunderstood even without having a ‘post’. appo pinne post eduthalum eduthillenkilum kanakkayille…pinne about your statement ‘ I think I can’t take up such a big responsibility’.This is only what you ‘think’….i think that its your mere laziness and nothing else.Cheer up man!!!!!! Ethoke sheriyakum.. I know you love your friends more than anything and that’s why you are so desperate in removing all the misunderstandings among your friends..

    Now lemme make something very clear about the above mentioned ‘MH OMNIPOTENCY’….it has been already made clear that decisions are not taken inside mh…instead we discuss about matters inside our college because most of the class representatives and senate members are from mh.Same is the case with LH.They too can discuss if they wish to….and we do have the right to discuss being a class representative or a senate office bearer.Then we present the topic in front of a general body which consists of all the students of our batch.Decisions are always made in a general body meeting…even though we can wrap it up and make decisions by just calling a meeting of the class representatives…Hope it is clear for Mr/Ms ‘X’…

    I was going through all the above is a nice time pass to read all these…..I think all are giving much importance to Mr/Ms X…All gave almost similar opinions except three….they are nice critics…accept their criticisms and correct yourselves if you find anything worth in their words..even though i couldn’t find any…..

    nywyz thettidahrana maatan vendi post cheythathu eppo vendayirunnu ennu thonunnundavum…..but there is nothing wrong in it…Above all it makes me happy that you had the courage to do so..any way i cannot misunderstand you my dear friend …..because ‘MISUNDERSTANDINGS OCCUR ONLY WHERE FRIENDSHIP IS REALLY WEAK’ . Try to make them understand and if you still fail…then forget it…….they are not eligible to enjoy your friendship..

    With Love


  26. AKHILDEV A V says:

    And please don’t make this an issue…I couldn’t find anything which will/can possibly hurt some one….Now we are going to be super seniors..we dont have much extra curricular responsibilities this year..and so we will have to show our maturity and try to be an excellent example to our juniors…


  27. cecian says:

    hiii all..
    ningalellarum parayunnu no gudalochana at mh and no mh omnipotency it actually true??
    then why u reselected summit execom?? were they not able to carry such a responsibilility..?? or did they do anything wrong?? we d cecians actually want to know all these things..can u reveal those??

  28. AKHILDEV A V says:


    This is a reply to the above posting…All these questions were answered long before, and its a sad thing that still these questions are again asked….first of all summit execom was not reselected by mh guys.All posts were decided in a general body meeting as to the next question… i really think that they are able…their names were suggested by The general body which included all the students of our batch…hope it is clear.. I am stating this not as a guy from MH, but as the General Secretary of CEC, and as SUMMIT 09 is a senate activity, I guess, I am responsible and privileged to say this, by the authority vested in me as the General Secretary of the college by the students and the constitution of the college.

    Akhil Dev,
    General Secreatry,

  29. Hi,

    @ Akhil Dev,

    Thanks da, thanks for your comments

    @ CECian above,
    Great to see that you have utilized the possibility of anonymity. However, here’s my reply to your question:

    Enthaanee goodalochana?? Enthinu vendi?? 4 kollam ulla collegil girlsine thaathikettano? Angane kaanichittu njangalkku enthu prayojanam?? Athanno Mr./Ms. CECian udheshichathu???

    Ini Execom… I am answering with an assumption that you are currently a student at CEC. Because, the situation that lead to re-selection of the execom is well known to all here. If you couldn’t know it, that’s not my fault. However, for your kind information, Mr. Arjun R Pillai, previous General Convener have got many other responsibilities like the main organizer post of GSC 09, which is a global event, and he himself wanted to resign the SUMMIT post. Thus a selection to this post had to be done. And Mr. Sanoop Thomas was elected to this post. Meanwhile, former P.R.O Mr. Sojo became the Asst. Convener. Dawns John remained with his treasure post. So new PRO had to be selected and it resulted in Vishnu Sree G. As far as I know, Dawns requested to elect 2 sub treasurers and they were selected too. Also, Arjun, the previous GC suggested that an activity coordinator also had to be elected. Thus came Amal D Mukund. Regarding girls’ post, during the selection process, which was compeered by Akhil Dev, our General Secretary, the suggestions were exactly from girls, and no suggestions from boys regarding such posts were made by boys. Can anyone beat this? Also, the information about the gap filling in the execom was passed to the VC, rep of girls, by our GS, Akhil Dev on the previous night itself and he’d asked to assemble girls and take a preliminary decision regarding the post. As far as I know, Akhil had not asked the girls to decide the girls post only, but as I heard him saying, it’s of course, “have a discussion about ALL THE POSTS”. I dunno if any such discussion was made among girls regarding this. This was in the proper channel and why do you still complain about this???

    And of course, the previous execom was indeed able, but a re-selection was made due to the reason I jotted down above.

    And for your information, the current execom contains only two guys from MH-Dawns and Amal. All the other posts are from outside MH…

    I think I have revealed what all I know, as a person who’s worked so far, with full sincerity towards the event and the college. Personally, I am not the person to tell you all these, because I, myself, am not an execom member. I hope Mr. Arjun or Mr. Sanoop will clarify it.

    A personal request: SUMMIT is a big event, and none should stay parted during this. Unity is very much needed for this event. I stand for that. Kindly don’t mix your hatred for me, if any, with SUMMIT 09…

    Think, we’ve only 1 year left at CEC. Why should MH cheat others? 1 kollam kazhiyumbol njangal ithellam veetil ketti kondu pokumo? Still, I believe, we are all CECians… friends…

    I can see that in this comment, I have been a little cheap to speak MH, LH and all… You believe or not, my friends know me well, I always say that no seperation like these all… We are all CECians… and I always act what I say, too…


    A CECian

  30. Arjun R Pillai says:

    Jillu Machan paranja pole Hit ayi!!!!..:)

    Everybody mentioned about Mr.X. So here goes.
    I think Mr./Ms. X is a nice guy/Gal since he/she told the things directly(as for his/her comments, well, anybody can be under a misconception.(not a fault)).
    I think even Arun also thinks it this way and I feel he hasn’t done anything wrong to X.
    As for SUMMIT, I was the first to move myself out due to the reason already stated. Whatever Akhil and Arun said are dead at the points and no more on to it.(although I want to emphasize on 2 points that has already been made (1.)there are only 2 people from MH (2.)SUMMIT is our event and no issues should affect it, coz’ issues come and go and it shouldn’t make us move away from what is right).

    Starting this thread, I won’t say that it is an excellent idea, but I am with Arun. I see this blog not as an ‘image booster’, but as a ‘Misconception remover’. It is only natural that one try to change the wrong concepts especially when it is in case of friends. 1 might understand when he/she is in such a situation.

    Criticisms are constructive when they are true or else they might not be. (Is this a quote??? 🙂
    No offence meant)


    hiii cecians


    execom meetingokke oru nadakamallayirunno cecians.. 😀
    aa mh meeetingille athil ee njanum undayirunnu buhahaha … .. dont u remember that mh meeting before general body.. kooduthalonnum purathuparayillla..:P 😛
    iruttadi kittathirikkana thalkalam albert eintseenayath…

  33. Arunanand T A says:

    Hi all,

    We can track the Ip… nuhahah…


  34. Susanna M Santhosh says:

    i heard from a mh gay that it was already decided to change me from the post….it was a decision made from mh….
    i asked abt it to my friend then he told me to ask tta…..
    these all shows that it was already planned…
    what do u tell about all these????

  35. Hi,

    @ Susanna,

    After all, do you still believe so? I have cleared in above comments that the joint convener was selected by girls itself, and not by boys. There were 4 suggestions, I still remember, and one gal out of that became the JC. And what is special for me with the current JC compared to you; absolutely nothing. And if you still believe that we played a prank behind this, I understand that’s why you were indifferent to me these days. And still I don’t believe any of my friends would ever tell you that I foulplayed in this along with other inamtes of MH.

    P.S: There’s a small spelling mistake in your post, check the word g*y, you must have been went wrong, I guess.. Lol..


  36. jaseen says:

    cmon man….dis aint a joke..taa jus posted his response for not takin up a responsible post…he made his point,loud nd clear…fair enuf….nw look ver vev reachd with dis piece of ‘shit’…jus cant believe myself dat v r havin an online feud out here in d open jus for pathetic resons…me like vry1 else is jus embarrassed dat v r jus abt to commence our las year in cec nd look ver do v stand….gr8…
    SMBDY GROW UP…..plz…..god help us….

  37. [:D] Newton says:

    dudes….,ippo galz[:O] nokke Albert einstein nu peridarundo??….[:P]…….
    porathe eval eppo mh il vannu???athum ,,,ratri….. njaan kandilallooo….[:P]Ini vannal ……..

  38. Arunanand T A says:


    @ Newton above…

    Da nee aara??? Posting such obscene comments in public?? That too using my email ID ‘palavaka’??? Great work however.. I don’t expect you to post like this….


  39. Susanna M Santhosh says:

    i dont want to make it an issue……..
    i have more proofs about that meeting……..
    i like to know the reason to change my post…..
    i need to know whether i have done any wrong to u all or to summit…..i dont think that i have done anything wrong……
    now abt the indifference…. ennodeganae aganae tannae annu nan ellavarodum….

  40. Arunanand T A says:


    @ Susanna,

    If you believe that you’ve done anything wrong, be sure that no foul play has been made in this issue… Why should we try to change you?? Tell me the reason if you find any… I don’t find…

  41. rptony says:

    Shit, this is getting tad annoying. Can’t you guys take it inside your class room and sort it out. I think you are a bunch of cowards. You need the cover of this lazy internet to discuss differences. Don’t you have the spine to take it and talk to each other’s faces.

    So take it to Canteen or Navarthna or Priay bar (or that new outfit at the corner! Bhagavath ???) or even better at the pravinkoodu kallu shop. 🙂

    And if you don’t drink, there is your problem. Get drunk and forget it dude.

    So peace. \/

  42. Hi,


    Sorry cheta… I guess it’s high time we stopped this. So no more comments to this post. Comments are not allowed any more in this post.

    @ all CECians,
    Thanks for all your comments. I humbly request you all my batchmates to take everything in the right spirit and clear misunderstandings, if any.

    Thanks, and am sorry if I’ve hurt anyone.

    Let’s have a personal talk, if any one needs explanation to what all what I did and am doing. Let’s not disturb others.


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