Days of Boredom and Sleep


Hi all,


Following the last university exam have been days of complete boredom and I couldn’t help sleeping for at least 12 hour a day. I strongly suspect that I’ve become a complete nocturnal. And I’ve started reading the famous novel “Five Point Someone” by Chetan Bhagath. As Meenakshi said the novel is still interesting, especially for a beginner like me. But it would not help improving my language skill, I would say. However, it’s worth reading, as I could compare the lives in the novel with those in my college.


Sanop Thomas came and met me in regard of SUMMIT 09 discussions. It extended upto 5 AM in the morning. Don’t think that whole thing was about SUMMIT only. As you know, everything under the sun, no matter how it’s important or not, can be the topic for a chat in a hostel, especially in a boys’ hostel like ours. It includes, state of Indian politics, history of India after 1947, history f political parties in India, evaluation of previous governments, who could be the winner in the current elections, job opportunities and what not!!! Jillu, Aniz, Ajmal and Amal joined us at the middle.


Vishnu, Raku and Prince have gone to Trivandrum for donating blod. It’s stunning for Prince that his Jaundice count was 1.9! He didn’t even know that he’d it, I guess. I heard they might be staying there today.


And today is World Earth Day. The day which’s reserved for lovers of mother earth; the day that helps us to remember the pathetic state of the planet. I tried some search on Google about this. Meanwhile, I came across the new option available in Google Image Search: Color filtering. It’s damn useful to those like ATM and all.


I am a little busy now… No, no, not with studies. Gotta some works in Vineeth’s PC. Some installations. He got it reinstalled just today. And I am downloading some stuffs from net, and an original copy of MS-XP that’s free for IEEE members, using Amal’s membership. Catch you all later…


Happy World Earth Day 2009

Happy World Earth Day 2009







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