14-05-2008, Wednesday – My ATM card lost

Today was a bad one for me… ma SBT as well as Federal ATM cards are lost. I had put them in a single pouch and placed the pouch inside ma purse. I am damn sure that I have not used SBT ATM after coming back from home (I had gone home last Saturday). On the way back, I took Rs. 500/- from ma Federal ATM and that’s all for all these days. I haven’t withdrawn even a buck other than that. I dunno where the hell it has gone…..!!!

I remained at MH after long searches for lost ATMs. At night me, Raku n Prince went out to have a tea. The one and only interesting thing in being at MH, as for me, is this. On the way back, we sat at the steps of MH and spoke for a long time. The topics include our friends, English language and literature, SUMMIT, campus interview and even Malayalam literature…..Lol…. I wonder there might be no other hostel where you guys can find pals having great discussions on such serious topics at midnight(?). In natural course, the topics might be sports, or something ‘hot’. But here, it’s not the practice. The real loving, understanding and suitable mates for me…….


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