14-05-2008, Wednesday – SSLC Results Published

Even though my exams are over, I’ve still not gone home. I dunno why. SUMMIT works are going on. But it’s not why I don’t go home. I dunno why. Akhil Dev goes home today with Najeeb.

That girl, I specified in yesterday’s blog, called me today. I was so happy to see that she’s calling me again. She asked if I am unhappy or even sad. I said “NO”, even though I knew I was lying. She called me at night saying that her best friend asked her to call me and say “SORRY”. I don’t believe in those SORRIES, as they might not make any sense to me. Doing certain things intentionally and saying Sorry then….. it’s not good as far as my very little knowledge and sense is concerned. OK leave it.

Arjun, Akhil n Deepak Devanand came to Crown after noon. We discussed a bit regarding rules of events and all. Then the discussion diverted or was diverted to other topics. Still, I feel that we guys are not professionals in doing such things. We must show much more professionalism.

Today some seniors like Josephettan approached Dawns n Prince and asked them not to go for the Arts that might be conducted by S-8 guys on 17th. Then Dawns replied that we have not got any information regarding the Arts Day so far. Prince replied, “we guys have gone and helped in whatever the S-6 guys have asked for. Then why shouldn’t we go if S-8 guys invite us”. This seems to be an intellectual, but a bit dangerous question.

S-7 results are out. Most of the seniors are full-pass. Only a few are having one or two supplies. Now we are awaiting our S-3 result. They say that it’ll be out within a month.

Today SSLC Results are published. Shanavas’ brother has got one back paper, as he caught Chicken pox during exams. and it’s maths too. Rahul’s sis has got nice marks, as far as I know. I’ve come to know about none others’ results. I haven’t called Prakashan Sir and asked how the results are…

Actually, it’s supposed to be published on last 9th, but due to Minister for Edn. Mr. M.A. Baby’s personal interest towards the number 13, today was chosen for the publishing of results. And it’s amazing to see that the Pass percentage is 92.09. In BVHS 116 students have passed out of 120, in which 1 was absent for the whole exam. This year was priorly declares as “Kaaryakshamatha Varsham” and the media say that the result is this much for the justification of the same or to show that the government has won in implementing the vision.

I heard that a studnet could win in Mathematics by scoring just 4 marks in the theory paper, as there was an unwritten order for the school officials to give maximum internals for the students who were likely to fail. Also, two high mark questions, that too from the toughest portions of Mathematics, were given full credit at the evaluation camp for those who have just attempted, as the questions were given wrong in the question paper. This enabled the students pass the exam even by scoring such a poor mark like 4!!! I pity…..!!!!

Prakashan Sir has been calling me these days, and he’s asking me to go there. Yea, now I supppose there’ll be only +2 SAY coaching, as the pass % of SSLC is very high. Let’s see. And for those who don’t know me: I have been teaching Mathematics in a reputed firm at Nayarambalam – Prayaga College and Computer Academy – for last two years for the SSLC and PLUS TWO students for SAY examination. Last year 35 out of my 36 students passed the exam. I am proud of it, too….

Some guys whose lab exams are not over, asked me to give the Viva Questions. Mr. Reju John has been asking almost the same questions to all. He was there for A, C, D Batches in DE Lab. So, I uploaded 30 questions, collected from others too, to my page. Some people even called me and said “thanks, thanks a lot”; I am happy. However, all are complaining about my bad aesthetic sense in web designing. Ah me…!!! I’ve got a lot to work with it…


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