03-05-2008, Saturday – Last Exam in S-4

Today is the last exam in S-4…. Data Communication. I am under in internals… got only 26…. But, I swear, I had submitted all the assignments and got a total of above 20 for the series exams too… But I am under even now…. and to be frank, this is gonna be the “most worst” exam I have ever written in my life, I can predict that even now…. I haven’t studied even a word. Yea, it’s truly my fault. I can’t blame anybody… But still, it’s a very boring subject with lots of receiver-transmitter diagrams and all…. It’s because of these diagrams and circuits that I hate electronics…….. Now it’s 7 A.M and I am gonna take bath to go for the exam….. It’s gonna be my worst exam that I’ve studied very very less…….. Oh God, everything else is in your hands……. Will that old trick which I applied in Mechanics of first year university paper have to be repeated here????? Oh god, I am not strong enough to….. lol….

Shall be back after the exam to complete this diary…….


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