30-04-2008, Wednesday – DS Exam n Farewell to seniors

Tofay was DS exam….. Very nice, even though I hadn’t studied well….. Kanjan, Amal etc were in my hall and they happened to see I was buying so many additional sheets (7 or 8, I don’t remember) and it was the thread for everything else for the rest of the day……

Even though EC HOD Nisha Miss asked us not to conduct a launch for the juniors, we knew that we wouldn’t get them in this academic year any more. So, we decided to go to their class rooms after 4 P.M and meet them and give them an intro about SUMMIT. But only two classes were there: C and D batches. We got into the class after 4 P.M and gave them an intro. During this time, all other staffs were at the auditorium, as farewell to the seniors were being conducted there….. Also, we approached Deepa miss of EC department to be the staff advisor of SUMMIT ’08. But she refused and said that she was not sure if she’ll be available next year, as she’s planning to do Ph.D along with Nisha Miss….. Also, she said that there were lots of other problems that she couldn’t tell us and she’s lots of limits too…… Before, Nisha miss had asked Liju Philip sir if he could be the staff in charge and he’d agreed too…. During this incident, Deepa miss was also there, Arjun said. Deepa miss, when we approached, suggested Liju sir’s and Philip Cherian sir’s names too…. But she’s agreed to conduct the Exhibition proposed by PRODDEC, which was earlier fixed to be conducted in August, along with SUMMIT ’08. As of now, exhibition will be conducted for first two days and SUMMIT for the next three days…. Arjun says that it’ll be good to earn more local sponsorship, to which I too agree….

Today was the farewell given by the third years to the last years….. They are very sad, as usual, to leave the college…… The seniors arranged a set of candles, as in the movie “Happy Days – (Once in life time)”, which tells the story of some engineering students….. It seems to be a wonderful and heart-touching scene…..

As always I am reluctant in writing this diary too… I am always interested in writing diaries in the beginning of a year, but loose interest soon…. That too might have happened in this e-diary also……

That’s all for today…..


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