02-04-2008, Friday – Countdown Starts

Yea, it’s true…. Jishad said that our countdown being at Crown has begun….. Just 4 or 5 days are left here….. We are gonna bid good bye to our lovely Crown, where we shared our feelings, joy, happiness, problems and what not….. It’s a place which gave new dimension to friendship and brotherhood in my life……

Last day, a girl friend of mine told me that she’s very happy. I asked why. I couldn’t help laughing at her reply…. She replied that her room mate gave her glasses washed, and she regards it to be a great thing. Then I told her about boys’ friendship here, then she, as usual, told me that “You guys are having real friendship and all… we are not….. Ok…..”. Was she a bit angry??? I dunno…..

These days, it’s my character that I hated the most. All say that we should have self-esteem and all…. Yea, I too do have… But sometimes, I can’t agree with what I am…. There’s an incident which made me think so, which happened yesterday, but it cannot be published here….. However, fact is that I don’t come to know how much others suffer from my indifferent character……. Sometimes I feel if I am becoming a disturbance for some people too…. However, don’t think that I am crazy, I am OK; but a person who always want to have a look at myself and refresh my character……

I can’t go on writing more today…. See you all later…….


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