28-04-2008, Sunday – SUMMIT works going on

Summit works are going on….. Arjun messaged me that he has arranged a meeting for the juniors just to give them an idea about what SUMMIT is. He says that tomorrow is the last day we can have them in this academic year ‘coz they will leave the college on 30th. However, I, Akhil Dev n Dawns John went to the college and discussed what to say tomorrow….. We are happy that we could prepare an agenda….. Hmmm… well…… then I saw Esha, Vasu n Karthika studying there… Ullas was also with them….. We all were at the half-built part of the college…. It’s heard that works of the rest of the parts of the college is gonna restart… Actually, it’s because of some legal issues regarding the labour cost that the work couldn’t continue…… it’s been in this state for last many years…. However, it has been a good place for students for combine study…… a fresh study in open-air…… wind is damn blowing there………

I created a Webaroo Gup Shup SMS group for my class….. It’s DCEC2010…. I have not invited anybody so far….. I will do it soon……

That’s all for today……..


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