28-04-2008, Monday – SUMMIT launch cancelled

We had planned to conduct a launch program for our juniors of SUMMIT ’08. I had taken print outs of the agenda too. But it’s when I reached the college that I came to know that Electronics HOD Ms. Nisha said that it’s not possible to conduct such a program as the proposal has not been assented by the principal so far. What to do……

At college, I met Rahul… He’s a little busy with some stock-clearance of IEEE library and so and so….. I am happy to see the change that has occurred to him…. I know that he’ll read this blog entry, however, I would say that he was a bit shy to interact with people, especially in the crowd when he reached the college. Amal had always been speaking about him, as a boy with an innocent character. But as he assumed the charges of IEEE V.C, some of my friends, even including me, had a doubt if he could shine in that post….. But the change was amazing….. He’s now changed a lot and this is what suits him the best….. Hats off dear friend…. you could break all the expectations…. and you have proven that you are the one to be in that position. When the decision to choose a V.C was on heat, we all could suggest his name and this seems to be a great thing for me…. He says, now, that IEEE is his life n soul….. Oh god…….!!!! I was just going through his Orkut profile…….. huhuhuhuh………

Amal is at M.H to give a company for Prince. Even if all are there, Prince, I think, seems to be marooned there…. Nobody else from our batches is there to give him a company in his studies…. Those who we suppose to be there with him are……………. I pity. I don’t wanna write more about this here…..

Ikkakka’s Cybershot DSC-W30 got damaged. Melvin’d asked for that camera to give to Sharon, magazine editor, to take some pics of his classmates. Aniz, at first, hesitated to give, but last he gave it and asked to take maximum care…. But Aniz got it back today damaged. Some spring is missing or like that…… Now, he’s in search of some Service Centres of Sony…. He also has a complaint, which I too agree, that some people here use it very carelessly….. I too have seen it many times……

Today at college, I saw Deepa miss’ son, a little naught chweet boy of 4-5 age….. I liked him very much….. Alok, Esha n Nighna were also at the college for combine study… Alok said that Sharon chetan has asked to poll Rs.100 each as an initial fund for the magazine. I told him that I am ready to give all my efforts, but I’ve already got myself out from the magazine committee… Then Alok said that I must be there….. I told him that I cannot assure, as I have classes for SAY exams and all at Prayaga during vacation. And I have improvement exams for Maths, C Programming and TCSS in July…..

The last date for submission of completed S-5 Registration forms is noticed as 03-05-2008. And the last day to remit the fee is 03-07-2008. The classes will begin on 01-07-2008. I saw this notice when I went to the college…. I could inform all others through the SMSGUPSHUP group of my class: DCEC2010……… I am happy……

Actually, Khalid thinks that Jishad is going to be his room mate at MH. But I came to know that Jishad is gonna be the room mate of Sumith. They have planned it already. Khalid, before some days, had told me in a very emotional manner about some of his problems and that Jishad’s not been speaking to him these days and all… I asked Jishad, but he denied all these. Now, I’ve asked Jishad to go to Khalid and tell him that he’s not going to be his room mate so that Khalid can seek for some one else.

Today Sarath gave an application to the A.O (Administrative Officer) of CEC to get his sister ‘s(Salini) consolidated mark list. She’s scored around 65% in whole B.Tech(EC). She was a student of CEC during the year 1999-2003. Actually, she was enrolled at Kallooppara Engineering college, but later after one or two year all her batch mates had to shift to CEC, because of some branch fall or something like that. She’s now working at IBS Technologies, Leela Infopark, Kakkanad, Cochin. He’s planned to send it in Speed post tomorrow.

That’s all for today……….


2 Responses to 28-04-2008, Monday – SUMMIT launch cancelled

  1. voidmain says:

    Thanks man

  2. Tecla says:

    Well said.

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