26-04-2008, Saturday – CUSAT First year results republished

A happy news for the guys who awaited the results of CUSAT First year is now at its good… Yea, it’s been published… Some of our guys have secured the pass marks n some other got improved…. But still mine reamins the same….

However, I couldn’t log on to the net for last two days… So I had to end it up with ma Hard diary here…. hehehe.. lol…. It’s a surprise for me itself that I wasn’t a mouse-potato atleast for last two days…. I could do it… Ah me……!!!!

We all here had for the movie “Annan Thambi”… Nice film.. about 22 Crucians… Najeeb was also there…. We reached here late night…. It was on thursday after the exam; at Mavelikkara Santhosh.

On Friday I got up very late… lol… as always….. I went to MH and remained there that day…. Coz, I was very late to have food at night and Ajmal went before I completed my task with Chilly chicken…. However, I decided to be here… Prince says that I was not brave enoough to go to Crown alone… lol…. it was a truth indeed, which I never like to admit…. hehehhe….

He mailed me reagarding the updates that have been made in ma webpage… He says that it’s not good to include such online radio, etc. in a web page….. He’s asked me to remove it…. Yea, as he remarks, I am gonna do it….. But, not now…. later after the exams…..

Now, I am writing this being at MH… Amal is also with me… We are gonna have food from somewhere…… Had a very good time at MH…..


One Response to 26-04-2008, Saturday – CUSAT First year results republished

  1. See.. how bad was my language.. I guess, I could improve these days… still, it’s formal….

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