23-04-2008, Wednesday – Nothing studied so far

I dunno what I am gonna write tomorrow…. It’s ALC… Automata theory…… full of boring and inscrutable proofs…. Actually we all guys study that subject because it’s taught by Antu miss, a very sincere and talented teacher, who always keeps a good relation with her students. I wonder how she’s still a part of College of Engineering, Chengannur where the teachers are “supposed” to be “rude” to their students and feels like taking vengeance against their students….. It’s damn a curse on this institution. I’ve seen the most eminent and the MOST WORST teachers in this college…. I dunno how they manage to remain as teachers… But there’re some good people like her too….. However, don’t think that I am not proud of my institution.

Amal is at MH. Yea he came here at 7 PM…. He says that he’s got a lot to study…….

Sarath asked me to teach him the second module…. Actually I had scored only 16 in the First Series Exam out of 80. In the next series I could get 47 out of 50, because of the help of Amal. But in the third series (yea, it also happened: a third series), I got only 15/50. But they think that I’m much aware of all the portions… Only poor me knows my status…. Lol….

I confirmed an incident: A girl whom I know fell in love with a boy. I never expected this. But it happened. And I wonder how these girls could change their mind and mentality. I’ve heard that a girl can never love another boy, once she’d a love with one. But, it’s a good for nothing theory for this girl… Dammit…. Why is she so and how did she manage to change like this??? I pity here and ashamed of her…. She’s an exception to all my good girl friends……
(Actually I’ve never regarded her as my friend.).

I have lot to study… So lemme go now… This much for today….


2 Responses to 23-04-2008, Wednesday – Nothing studied so far

  1. Rahul says:

    We should learn from Incidents .Am I right Arun?

  2. arunta007 says:

    Yes Rahul, we should indeed learn from certain incidents…. It’s all some great incidents and some experiences and some lessons that I have got from this college.. They do value and worthier than any academic knowledge……. Was I little bit philosophic?

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