22-04-2008, Tuesday – My web page updated

Hi all,

Nothing special. As usual…. Got up very late… and there happened a funny thing today. I had ordered for a parcel (Actually Echaayan called me and asked if I want any). Ajmal had also ordered for one. But they bought only one….. By the time they reached, I ran to the hall and had it all on a sudden. Ajmal was asleep then. But when he got up, there’s nothing for him to eat. Ajmal is as such known as a “Glutton”. When he came to know about this incident, you all should have been here to see it……. Poor Chap…………..!!!!

Then……. IPL… as usual….

Today I visited Rahul’s blog at: http://rahulrajpl.wordpress.com/

There he had written some points regarding Exams……. which I too supose to be true…
It was:

“here are so many reasons I hate to write Exams.Some are
Reason 0 :There is so much to remember. I am sure there is no point in doing that
Reason 1: I hate to mug up the things I study . I feel like its for me only
Reason 2: I am against the crappiest education system in India.(Lol… I am still continuing it for the past 14 or 15 years.)”

You know, I have noticed a great coincidence with my friends, i.e, my and their characters might be matching in some regards. This I have been noticing from my Plus-Two. Aadhith, Sameer n all there…. now here my best friends are all have some peculiar features that I too possess…. I dunno if they are concerned about these all…. Heheheh… others might think that I’m a little bit crazy……

Today I updated my webpage with online radio: it’s Arabian Malayalam Radio FM 96.7
I think it’s free for use in our blogs n pages; I am not sure…. How ever it is working good…. I am so glad……

ATM has agreed to create a flash intro file of the first water, for me to put on the home page of my web page. He says that he’ll do it in a professional manner. However, I am damn sure that he can do it…. He says that he will do it during the vacation time.

Today was Kerala Engineering Entrance Exam’s second day: Mathematics. Yesterday was the first day: Physics n Chemistry. Medical Entrance exam will start tomorrow. My mind goes to those old days when I entered the Entrance examination hall…… It’s really funny…. hehehehe…….

Amal is still at MH, with Prince. Aniz says that Prince is “alone” there. Because there’s none (?) from CS branch to help him with combine study…. That’s why Amal is there…..

That’s all for today…….


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