21-04-2008, Monday – COA Exam

For the first time ever in my life, I attended a public examination with below 20% preparation. Even if I don’t study these days, I would be prepared for the exams, at least just to pass… Today that too didn’t happen…. Amal also told me that the exam was very bad for him….. I thought that he would have prepared much. He wonders if he fails in the exam, even!!!!

Today Vasu asked me about the exams. Actually I dunno why I become not comfortable when speaking to him these days…. I just didn’t hear him much; But, I couldn’t help answering him….. You know, he’s one of the persons whom I like most; but still……….. he’s to change a lot to fit the needs of his friends, I suppose.

Now, Rahul…. another guy like Vasu, whom I… Ok….ok…….. I would better not to say it here… I think he’s pretending to be like this… actually he’s a soft guy with a soft heart… But, I doubt if he’s pretending to be harsh in front of me…… I dunno….

I met Jofin today at Brothers’. He told me that the Principal would never assent to organize SUMMIT at Kottayam Mammen Mappilai Hall… He said, “Principal has told Biju Sir (our Senate adviser) that it’s not possible to conduct it at Kottayam. Ask them to resubmit a detailed proposal with schedule and a detailed Committee list….. Then Sanoop asked him what the problem he pointed out; then Biju sir told that there’s no other reason from the Principal, other than ‘it’s not possible to conduct SUMMIT ’08 at Kottayam”.

Now, I remember the last SUMMIT incidents…. Sam Mathew chetan, all students’ dear friend and all, who was very polite and friendly to all, beloved by all….. he caught in an accident and the Almighty was not kind enough to him….. This happened on the way back from Mammen Mappilai Hall after the roll back of SUMMIT 2005. This was a shock to the entire college, I heard. This also would have been considered for the Principal to take such a decision this time, I presume.

At first of all discussions, I was not biased: I mean, I couldn’t determine my choice where to conduct SUMMIT. Some people suggested our college itself and Kottayam some other. Later, I became for for Kottayam. But now, as I understand the limitations of space etc in Kottayam, I doubt if I am becoming for for the college…. How ever, leave it to the decisions of the Principal…..

Today also IPL…. they are really rocking……….

Nice Day…………..


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