20-04-2008, Sunday – Nothing studied so far

Tomorrow is COA Exam… Nothing studied so far… No tensed too… I wonder how I could manage to change myself from such a Goody-Goody chap to an irresponsible good for nothing fellow. I have not been studying these days… no these years…. My old friends would never believe it’s me, if they see me now, indeed.

IPL is rocking…. I was before TV till late noon… Got parcel by Ashes, my junior… Hadn’t had anything for breakfast n lunch…. I was tto hungry too…..

I was chatting with Aniz’ cousin – Safarulla Khan… He’s abroad as it’s vacation here. Then he asked for Aniz.. I called him. Aniz asked me if I changed my attitude to him.. Actually, he thought that I was rude these days only to him… He always complains about my character… I am indifferent always… Is it?

How ever, i asked Aniz if he wants to join Amal when we get to MH. I asked it intentionally that I was eager to hear his answer. I dunno if he knows that I was just playing pranks…. Heheheh…. Aaah… Me!!!!!
Thas all for today…………


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