28-04-2008, Monday – SUMMIT launch cancelled

28 April, 2008
We had planned to conduct a launch program for our juniors of SUMMIT ’08. I had taken print outs of the agenda too. But it’s when I reached the college that I came to know that Electronics HOD Ms. Nisha said that it’s not possible to conduct such a program as the proposal has not been assented by the principal so far. What to do……

At college, I met Rahul… He’s a little busy with some stock-clearance of IEEE library and so and so….. I am happy to see the change that has occurred to him…. I know that he’ll read this blog entry, however, I would say that he was a bit shy to interact with people, especially in the crowd when he reached the college. Amal had always been speaking about him, as a boy with an innocent character. But as he assumed the charges of IEEE V.C, some of my friends, even including me, had a doubt if he could shine in that post….. But the change was amazing….. He’s now changed a lot and this is what suits him the best….. Hats off dear friend…. you could break all the expectations…. and you have proven that you are the one to be in that position. When the decision to choose a V.C was on heat, we all could suggest his name and this seems to be a great thing for me…. He says, now, that IEEE is his life n soul….. Oh god…….!!!! I was just going through his Orkut profile…….. huhuhuhuh………

Amal is at M.H to give a company for Prince. Even if all are there, Prince, I think, seems to be marooned there…. Nobody else from our batches is there to give him a company in his studies…. Those who we suppose to be there with him are……………. I pity. I don’t wanna write more about this here…..

Ikkakka’s Cybershot DSC-W30 got damaged. Melvin’d asked for that camera to give to Sharon, magazine editor, to take some pics of his classmates. Aniz, at first, hesitated to give, but last he gave it and asked to take maximum care…. But Aniz got it back today damaged. Some spring is missing or like that…… Now, he’s in search of some Service Centres of Sony…. He also has a complaint, which I too agree, that some people here use it very carelessly….. I too have seen it many times……

Today at college, I saw Deepa miss’ son, a little naught chweet boy of 4-5 age….. I liked him very much….. Alok, Esha n Nighna were also at the college for combine study… Alok said that Sharon chetan has asked to poll Rs.100 each as an initial fund for the magazine. I told him that I am ready to give all my efforts, but I’ve already got myself out from the magazine committee… Then Alok said that I must be there….. I told him that I cannot assure, as I have classes for SAY exams and all at Prayaga during vacation. And I have improvement exams for Maths, C Programming and TCSS in July…..

The last date for submission of completed S-5 Registration forms is noticed as 03-05-2008. And the last day to remit the fee is 03-07-2008. The classes will begin on 01-07-2008. I saw this notice when I went to the college…. I could inform all others through the SMSGUPSHUP group of my class: DCEC2010……… I am happy……

Actually, Khalid thinks that Jishad is going to be his room mate at MH. But I came to know that Jishad is gonna be the room mate of Sumith. They have planned it already. Khalid, before some days, had told me in a very emotional manner about some of his problems and that Jishad’s not been speaking to him these days and all… I asked Jishad, but he denied all these. Now, I’ve asked Jishad to go to Khalid and tell him that he’s not going to be his room mate so that Khalid can seek for some one else.

Today Sarath gave an application to the A.O (Administrative Officer) of CEC to get his sister ‘s(Salini) consolidated mark list. She’s scored around 65% in whole B.Tech(EC). She was a student of CEC during the year 1999-2003. Actually, she was enrolled at Kallooppara Engineering college, but later after one or two year all her batch mates had to shift to CEC, because of some branch fall or something like that. She’s now working at IBS Technologies, Leela Infopark, Kakkanad, Cochin. He’s planned to send it in Speed post tomorrow.

That’s all for today……….


28-04-2008, Sunday – SUMMIT works going on

28 April, 2008
Summit works are going on….. Arjun messaged me that he has arranged a meeting for the juniors just to give them an idea about what SUMMIT is. He says that tomorrow is the last day we can have them in this academic year ‘coz they will leave the college on 30th. However, I, Akhil Dev n Dawns John went to the college and discussed what to say tomorrow….. We are happy that we could prepare an agenda….. Hmmm… well…… then I saw Esha, Vasu n Karthika studying there… Ullas was also with them….. We all were at the half-built part of the college…. It’s heard that works of the rest of the parts of the college is gonna restart… Actually, it’s because of some legal issues regarding the labour cost that the work couldn’t continue…… it’s been in this state for last many years…. However, it has been a good place for students for combine study…… a fresh study in open-air…… wind is damn blowing there………

I created a Webaroo Gup Shup SMS group for my class….. It’s DCEC2010…. I have not invited anybody so far….. I will do it soon……

That’s all for today……..

26-04-2008, Saturday – CUSAT First year results republished

26 April, 2008
A happy news for the guys who awaited the results of CUSAT First year is now at its good… Yea, it’s been published… Some of our guys have secured the pass marks n some other got improved…. But still mine reamins the same….

However, I couldn’t log on to the net for last two days… So I had to end it up with ma Hard diary here…. hehehe.. lol…. It’s a surprise for me itself that I wasn’t a mouse-potato atleast for last two days…. I could do it… Ah me……!!!!

We all here had for the movie “Annan Thambi”… Nice film.. about 22 Crucians… Najeeb was also there…. We reached here late night…. It was on thursday after the exam; at Mavelikkara Santhosh.

On Friday I got up very late… lol… as always….. I went to MH and remained there that day…. Coz, I was very late to have food at night and Ajmal went before I completed my task with Chilly chicken…. However, I decided to be here… Prince says that I was not brave enoough to go to Crown alone… lol…. it was a truth indeed, which I never like to admit…. hehehhe….

He mailed me reagarding the updates that have been made in ma webpage… He says that it’s not good to include such online radio, etc. in a web page….. He’s asked me to remove it…. Yea, as he remarks, I am gonna do it….. But, not now…. later after the exams…..

Now, I am writing this being at MH… Amal is also with me… We are gonna have food from somewhere…… Had a very good time at MH…..

23-04-2008, Wednesday – Nothing studied so far

23 April, 2008
I dunno what I am gonna write tomorrow…. It’s ALC… Automata theory…… full of boring and inscrutable proofs…. Actually we all guys study that subject because it’s taught by Antu miss, a very sincere and talented teacher, who always keeps a good relation with her students. I wonder how she’s still a part of College of Engineering, Chengannur where the teachers are “supposed” to be “rude” to their students and feels like taking vengeance against their students….. It’s damn a curse on this institution. I’ve seen the most eminent and the MOST WORST teachers in this college…. I dunno how they manage to remain as teachers… But there’re some good people like her too….. However, don’t think that I am not proud of my institution.

Amal is at MH. Yea he came here at 7 PM…. He says that he’s got a lot to study…….

Sarath asked me to teach him the second module…. Actually I had scored only 16 in the First Series Exam out of 80. In the next series I could get 47 out of 50, because of the help of Amal. But in the third series (yea, it also happened: a third series), I got only 15/50. But they think that I’m much aware of all the portions… Only poor me knows my status…. Lol….

I confirmed an incident: A girl whom I know fell in love with a boy. I never expected this. But it happened. And I wonder how these girls could change their mind and mentality. I’ve heard that a girl can never love another boy, once she’d a love with one. But, it’s a good for nothing theory for this girl… Dammit…. Why is she so and how did she manage to change like this??? I pity here and ashamed of her…. She’s an exception to all my good girl friends……
(Actually I’ve never regarded her as my friend.).

I have lot to study… So lemme go now… This much for today….

22-04-2008, Tuesday – My web page updated

23 April, 2008

Hi all,

Nothing special. As usual…. Got up very late… and there happened a funny thing today. I had ordered for a parcel (Actually Echaayan called me and asked if I want any). Ajmal had also ordered for one. But they bought only one….. By the time they reached, I ran to the hall and had it all on a sudden. Ajmal was asleep then. But when he got up, there’s nothing for him to eat. Ajmal is as such known as a “Glutton”. When he came to know about this incident, you all should have been here to see it……. Poor Chap…………..!!!!

Then……. IPL… as usual….

Today I visited Rahul’s blog at: http://rahulrajpl.wordpress.com/

There he had written some points regarding Exams……. which I too supose to be true…
It was:

“here are so many reasons I hate to write Exams.Some are
Reason 0 :There is so much to remember. I am sure there is no point in doing that
Reason 1: I hate to mug up the things I study . I feel like its for me only
Reason 2: I am against the crappiest education system in India.(Lol… I am still continuing it for the past 14 or 15 years.)”

You know, I have noticed a great coincidence with my friends, i.e, my and their characters might be matching in some regards. This I have been noticing from my Plus-Two. Aadhith, Sameer n all there…. now here my best friends are all have some peculiar features that I too possess…. I dunno if they are concerned about these all…. Heheheh… others might think that I’m a little bit crazy……

Today I updated my webpage with online radio: it’s Arabian Malayalam Radio FM 96.7
I think it’s free for use in our blogs n pages; I am not sure…. How ever it is working good…. I am so glad……

ATM has agreed to create a flash intro file of the first water, for me to put on the home page of my web page. He says that he’ll do it in a professional manner. However, I am damn sure that he can do it…. He says that he will do it during the vacation time.

Today was Kerala Engineering Entrance Exam’s second day: Mathematics. Yesterday was the first day: Physics n Chemistry. Medical Entrance exam will start tomorrow. My mind goes to those old days when I entered the Entrance examination hall…… It’s really funny…. hehehehe…….

Amal is still at MH, with Prince. Aniz says that Prince is “alone” there. Because there’s none (?) from CS branch to help him with combine study…. That’s why Amal is there…..

That’s all for today…….

21-04-2008, Monday – COA Exam

21 April, 2008
For the first time ever in my life, I attended a public examination with below 20% preparation. Even if I don’t study these days, I would be prepared for the exams, at least just to pass… Today that too didn’t happen…. Amal also told me that the exam was very bad for him….. I thought that he would have prepared much. He wonders if he fails in the exam, even!!!!

Today Vasu asked me about the exams. Actually I dunno why I become not comfortable when speaking to him these days…. I just didn’t hear him much; But, I couldn’t help answering him….. You know, he’s one of the persons whom I like most; but still……….. he’s to change a lot to fit the needs of his friends, I suppose.

Now, Rahul…. another guy like Vasu, whom I… Ok….ok…….. I would better not to say it here… I think he’s pretending to be like this… actually he’s a soft guy with a soft heart… But, I doubt if he’s pretending to be harsh in front of me…… I dunno….

I met Jofin today at Brothers’. He told me that the Principal would never assent to organize SUMMIT at Kottayam Mammen Mappilai Hall… He said, “Principal has told Biju Sir (our Senate adviser) that it’s not possible to conduct it at Kottayam. Ask them to resubmit a detailed proposal with schedule and a detailed Committee list….. Then Sanoop asked him what the problem he pointed out; then Biju sir told that there’s no other reason from the Principal, other than ‘it’s not possible to conduct SUMMIT ’08 at Kottayam”.

Now, I remember the last SUMMIT incidents…. Sam Mathew chetan, all students’ dear friend and all, who was very polite and friendly to all, beloved by all….. he caught in an accident and the Almighty was not kind enough to him….. This happened on the way back from Mammen Mappilai Hall after the roll back of SUMMIT 2005. This was a shock to the entire college, I heard. This also would have been considered for the Principal to take such a decision this time, I presume.

At first of all discussions, I was not biased: I mean, I couldn’t determine my choice where to conduct SUMMIT. Some people suggested our college itself and Kottayam some other. Later, I became for for Kottayam. But now, as I understand the limitations of space etc in Kottayam, I doubt if I am becoming for for the college…. How ever, leave it to the decisions of the Principal…..

Today also IPL…. they are really rocking……….

Nice Day…………..

20-04-2008, Sunday – Nothing studied so far

21 April, 2008

Tomorrow is COA Exam… Nothing studied so far… No tensed too… I wonder how I could manage to change myself from such a Goody-Goody chap to an irresponsible good for nothing fellow. I have not been studying these days… no these years…. My old friends would never believe it’s me, if they see me now, indeed.

IPL is rocking…. I was before TV till late noon… Got parcel by Ashes, my junior… Hadn’t had anything for breakfast n lunch…. I was tto hungry too…..

I was chatting with Aniz’ cousin – Safarulla Khan… He’s abroad as it’s vacation here. Then he asked for Aniz.. I called him. Aniz asked me if I changed my attitude to him.. Actually, he thought that I was rude these days only to him… He always complains about my character… I am indifferent always… Is it?

How ever, i asked Aniz if he wants to join Amal when we get to MH. I asked it intentionally that I was eager to hear his answer. I dunno if he knows that I was just playing pranks…. Heheheh…. Aaah… Me!!!!!
Thas all for today…………